About Us

Non-profit Organization - Opioid Abuse Recovery Center in Peoria, Illinois

Opioid Abuse Recovery Center in Peoria, Illinois is a secluded treatment facility that offers individualized treatment to those seeking to turn over a new leaf. Here at OARC, we see our patients as people. No one is defined by his or her addiction. Our focus is on patience, guidance, and support.


Implementing the 12 step program, as well as behavioral and mental therapy, we find and target the underlying issues of addiction. Understanding what causes our urge to use, will allow us to begin to combat our demons. We believe in togetherness, so we utilize support groups and group activities to propel us toward recovery.


While our facility is snuggled cozily on the outskirts of town, we encourage friends and families to visit our patients frequently. Conquering addiction is a team effort and requires a group of loving and supportive people. At OARC, that’s what we are, a family.


If you are struggling with addiction and have nowhere else to go, there will always be a seat at our table. Remember, seeking help requires strength and determination. If you are reading this, then you are already on the right path. Join us on the road to recovery. You will never have to walk it alone.