Center’s Life

Non-profit Organization - Opioid Abuse Recovery Center in Peoria, Illinois

At AARC we are all about putting our patients first. Let’s take you through a typical day of an AARC resident.

7 AM: Breakfast and Morning Meeting

During the morning meeting, we greet and get to know any newcomers. If it’s the same old crew, we discuss our goals for that day.

8 AM: Morning Exercise

Physical exercise is important. It is not required of our residents, but we highly and strongly suggest it. You can choose from any one of our number of exercises; yoga, kickboxing, swimming, weight lifting, etc.

9 AM: Therapy

We are big on the several types of therapy. It is important to talk about your issues and find ways to overcome them.

10 AM: Group Session

During this time, residents with similar addictions or stories will meet up to discuss, life, mistakes, and the future.

Depending on the resident’s individual treatment plan, their scheduled day may be over before noon, and they can spend the rest of the day however they please.

These individuals plans are tailored to fit you perfectly. Through several interviews with those who know you and your history with addiction, we can create a unique schedule to appeal to you. Whatever you want, we can provide.

We never want our residents to feel uncomfortable, so we encourage visits from families and friends. We also understand and believe in the power of the sun. When the weather permits, many of our activities are done outside. We may be a treatment facility, but we are still learning as well. Often times, our residents give us suggestions on what we could fix or do differently.

They say the customer is always right, well at AARC, we believe that only you know the best way to help you. We simply follow your lead.

So lead the way!