Main Info About Oxycodone Addiction

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Main Info About Oxycodone Addiction

Oxycodone is one of the most abused drugs out there. It is the main component of types of painkiller that everyone has heard of like Oxytocin and Percocet. Painkillers are commonly abused because they have intense pain relief and can often give a high. This makes them both attractive and addictive.

Prescription drug addiction is all too common but can be hard to recognize especially because a pillow can so easily be swallowed unnoticed. Learning the signs of an oxycodone addiction can be helpful and important when someone you care about is addicted, and you have not realized.

Common signs of an oxycodone addiction include:

–    Apathy

–    Dilated pupils

–    Drowsiness

–    Sedation

–    Sense of calmness

–    Short attention span

The Dangers Of Using Oxycodone

Obviously, oxycodone is a good and important drug when it comes to relieving pain for many different people. The problem is that this painkiller can give people high and cause them to be addicted over time.

People who take oxycodone and start abusing it run a lot of risks. It is made from opiates like heroin or morphine which are some of the most addictive drugs out there. It is a huge risk because taking too much oxycodone on accident can cause an overdose.

Overdoses often occur after someone grows a drug tolerance. When someone uses a drug regularly it builds up in their system. This means eventually you need more drugs to get the high you are seeking and you can accidentally overdose because you need too many drugs to get high.

People often take drugs in ways other than just swallowing pills. Crushing and snorting oxycodone can help increase the rate at which you feel the effects of the drug. People also inject oxycodone as well or drink alcohol with it.

Drinking alcohol while using oxycodone or using other drugs are also dangerous. Oxycodone is now made in different ways that make it harder to abuse them, but that doesn’t change how resourceful addicts can be when it comes to taking drugs.

Immediate Side Effects Of Abusing Oxycodone

–    Headaches

–    Seizures

–    Depressed breathing rate

–    Nausea and vomiting

–    Dizziness

–    Low blood pressure

–    Vivid dreams

–    Dry mouth

–    Blurred vision

–    Euphoria

–    Extreme relaxation

–    Reduced anxiety

–    Pain relief

–    Sedation

–    Drowsiness

–    Loss of appetite

–    Constipation

–    Flushing

–    Sweating

–    Weakness

–    Mood changes

Long Term Side Effects Of Abusing Oxycodone

–    Heart failure

–    Constipation

–    Insomnia

–    Depression

–    Aches and cramps

–    The increased pressure of a spinal fluid

–    Coma

–    Swelling in limbs

–    Death

Oxycodone addiction is dangerous because it can lead to many problems with both mental and physical health. Drug treatment programs are necessary for many people to fight their addiction and get the help they need to recover fully from addiction.

If you believe someone you love has an oxycodone addiction, then be sure to get them into a drug treatment program to get the help that they need.