Vicodin Addiction – Signs, Symptoms, and Effects

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Vicodin Addiction – Signs, Symptoms, and Effects

Vicodin- A Deadly Combination

Vicodin is a strong and highly addictive pain medication composed of acetaminophen and hydrocodone. Due to the strong pain killing effects, Vicodin is typically prescribed to relieve pain after major injuries or surgeries.

The compounds that makeup Vicodin makes it extremely addictive. Similar to opioids, people who take Vicodin will typically begin to grow a dependency on it.


Often, those addicted to Vicodin unintentionally fall into the dependency trap that it brings. These people would begin as patients and are prescribed Vicodin for an extended period of time. Over time, they develop a dependency and become hooked. If ever they are removed from the drug (they no longer require it), their body could begin to go through withdrawal.

To combat the withdrawal symptoms, users may find ways to get more Vicodin. They could also resort to more extreme measures and take stronger drugs to replicate the high Vicodin gave them, but for a lot less money.

Signs & Symptoms Of Addiction

There are many different signs and symptoms of Vicodin addiction. While they vary from person to person, it’s always wise to pay special attention.

~Changes In Mood

Those abusing Vicodin will often have mood swings. One minute they could be experiencing feelings of euphoria, and then suddenly they seem depressed and withdrawn.

~Changes In Personality

Abusing Vicodin will undoubtedly have a negative effect on your overall personality. Beyond having a chemical reaction to Vicodin that affects the brain, the addiction can cause people to do or say things they usually wouldn’t.

For example, if a woman is typically sweet and charitable, she may become selfish and rude in order to get her hands on more Vicodin.

Remember, Vicodin is only available via prescription. The only way to get Vicodin without one is to purchase illegally, and it is very expensive. So, if you notice someone being uncharacteristically stingy with their money, keep a close eye on them.

~Pain And Physical Distress

When an addict isn’t feeling the effects of Vicodin, they may experience aches and general body pain. They may complain about headaches or dizziness, even nausea, and upset stomachs.


Vicodin addiction can lead to several issues, ranging in severity. The problems can begin subtly; decreased productivity, financial issues, relationship issues.

More problematic effects include liver damage, urinary infections, coma, and even death.

Vicodin abuse is a real and damaging issue that affects too many of us. Hopefully, this knowledge will become widespread and save more lives in the future.

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