• Channel 4 News aired a story about our fundraising needs on April 6, 2016   Click Here
  • Channel 7 News aired a story about Harvest House on November 13, 2013.   Click here to watch the story.
  • Watch a recent interview with Linda Tatu, founder of Harvest House, as she discusses the history of Harvest House on TCT. 

         Click Here To Watch The Full Interview



  • A Channel 2 piece showing Kevin O'Neill interviewing Savannah Wells, her mom, and Linda Tatu recently aired. 

Savannah collected winter coats and boots for the Baby and Children's Ministry.  When she found out we also needed socks, she collected them as well.  Savannah is featured in the December 2010 issue of Harvest House Happenings.

Here is a link to the Channel 2 video interview:



  •   In the summer of 2010, Channel 2 News filmed a feature piece on Harvest House, and Gary and Linda Tatu.  Click below to watch the piece entitled, "Modern Day Saints." Day Saints at Harvest House/72937118001